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Deep Sleep Bundle

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Adam Eason
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 Product Description

Learn to Sleep Like a Log Today!

How to Sleep and be Totally Refreshed When You Wake.


Hypnosis Sessions Audios Also Included...

  1. Deep Sleep

  2. Drifting Back To Sleep

  3. Quiet The Mind and Drift To Sleep

  4. Utilise Your Regular Routine To Enhance Your Sleep

  5. The Pond Of Sleep - Letting Go Of Unwanted Thoughts and Drifting Deeply To Sleep

  6. Using Noise To Lull To Sleep

  7. Hypnotic Boredom To Lull You To Sleep


If you ever have trouble with your sleep those can be some very welcome words, are they not? Learn to sleep like a log… What a funny expression... How does a log sleep?

I have had sleeping issues myself before, and it was not very nice. it felt as though some essential ingredient was missing from my life. getting a reliable, deep sleeping routine for myself ensures that I love life and can embrace it with vigour and joy. Really good quality sleep has the power to truly change your expeirence of life.

You have really learned your sleep patterns and it is a firm belief of mine, that you can unlearn unwanted patterns and learn new, good, better ones.

Some people find it hard to actually get off to sleep in the first place.

Some find it difficult to stay asleep when they are there.

There are those people that spend eight or nine hours doing what they consider to be "sleeping" each night, however they awaken tired, drowsy and fatigued, having slept restlessly perhaps.

And YET…

There are then those others that sleep for JUST 5 hours and wake full of enthusiasm and are fully refreshed and invigorated.

It is often the quality of sleep that varies.

It is becoming increasingly better documented by medical professionals and researchers that poor quality sleep and sleep deprivation can lead to a range of detrimental health conditions.

This audio programme is going to show you how to get to sleep, how to stay asleep and how to get deeper, better quality sleep.
So, how do you make this happen?

Now, within my experience through those years of therapeutic work, I have seen that people that encounter sleep disorders often have very active minds and they think a lot.

So as a precursor to this audio programme, you get a session to start training your mind...

You'll get a mindfulness track to teach you how to develop self-awareness of mind and body at a incredibly deep level. You also learn to stop fighting unwanted thoughts and resisting elements of your life that can distract us from sleeping soundly.

Many of the contributory factors leading to sleep deprivation involve worrying, being tense or anxious, maybe being fearful, or experiencing some kind of emotionally charged circumstances or situations...

So I have also included my audio programme "Melt Stress" as a precursor to using this Deep Sleep audio programme, so that you can learn to still your mind, relax deeply and let go of all that internal activity... All this before we have got on to the subject at hand.

Over-thinking about problems or issues in fact is like painting the insides of our minds with that problem; it is acquainting us with it more and more and we become better and better at worrying about it.

It is important to be able to move away from that kind of negatively focused mental activity.

You can use several of the techniques in this audio programme to begin to distract your mind and move it away from those thoughts that were causing the sleep disturbance.

Entering hypnosis immediately prior to the desired period of sleep is something that can often send one to sleep without all of the applications mentioned within this set, so I have also enclosed a hypnosis session to do nothing other than lull you to sleep.

Your brain may have a tough time letting go of its conscious processing from your day. Some people just worry so much about not being able to sleep that they indeed cannot sleep!


I had never been a 'good' sleeper, but due to stress and worry, that had been getting worse.

I could not shut that little voice out when I tried to go to sleep.

I reached the point that I started getting afraid of going to bed because of that little voice,
and was continualy telling myself that I wouldn't sleep.

Using Adam's voice quietening techniques and relaxation methods in conjunction with
the hypnosis sessions, I soon found my self sleeping better and better.

I even look forward to bed now.

Thank you Adam.

Mike Hills          


You are feeling sleepy...

If you have insomnia, you know the problem...

You start worrying early in the day about whether or not you are actually going to be able to sleep that night.
And once you miss a night of sleep, you worry even more about not sleeping the next night.
And this PERPETUATES the problem.

Worrying about insomnia creates the insomnia.

Even if you do not have insomnia, this programme is going to help you — everyone benefits from better quality sleep.

I have created these hypnosis sessions for enhancing sleep because I know you can enjoy the most wonderfully refreshing and invigorating sleep, and you are going to notice the difference it makes to your entire life.

Once you use them, the plan is that you start to realise that you have been very capable of better quality sleep all along.

Just turn on the MP3 player and GO TO SLEEP!

With this Audio Programme, You Learn How to:

  • Use the power of breathing to instigate different states within you.

  • Create a state of complete mindfulness.

  • Quieten and control your internal dialogue.

  • How to relax deeply at any time you want to.

  • Let go of unwanted thoughts.

  • Interupt old, unwanted patterns of poor sleep.

  • Calm your mind and create mental calmness

  • Instigate your brain's natural ability to sleep.

  • Choose to sleep when you want to.

  • Have a better, deeper quality of sleep.

  • How to alter your perception of problematic thoughts.

  • Much more besides.Some people insist to me that they cannot remember ever sleeping well.

There has been at least one night, even if it was when you were a baby, that you slept well.

If you are now racking your brain for an excuse that proves you have not, then please just imagine what it would be like to fall asleep.

Your unconscious mind has memories and information of how it is to sleep well. Your unconscious mind knows how to sleep well.

You were born with it as a natural ability, just like you know how to breathe and let your heart beat.

It has been changed or is perceived differently by you for whatever reason.

Just know that you know how to sleep well.

You also know how to sleep better.

The same way that you will trust your unconscious mind to instigate the healing process if you grazed your knee after a fall, is the same kind of trust that you can begin to develop about your ability to sleep better and furthermore now. Include this into your thoughts.

This programme includes:

    • Several powerful hypnosis sessions.

    • A mindfulness session for training your brain prior to using the hypnosis sessions

    • Evocative and brain stimulating language.

    • Modern psychological technologies for controlling your own brain.

    • Step by step guide to prepare your mind for sleep.Years of research and therapeutic experience findings.

    • So much more.

The choice is yours now.

Remember, I am also giving you my complete 'Melt Stress' audio programme for free so that you can practice relaxing deeply before you even begin working on your sleep.




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 Product Reviews

  1. Hope it works

    Posted by Michael Boughton on 25th Jan 2017

    I have only had this a couple of days. I'm still trying to wok out when to do the training and how many times I need to use it before progressing to the other sessions.
    I think it will work. so here's hoping.

  2. Sleep problems, you'd be crazy not to buy this program

    Posted by Scott Davis on 4th Jul 2016

    I am absolutely amazed at the quality of content for this program. I have had what is termed "Chronic Insomnia" and it had far reaching negative affects on my life work...relationships...health.

    Both the Melt Stress and the Deep sleep programs are amazing. Taking key components of the laws of attraction, spot on advice and techniques to prepare for and deal with stress and put yourself into a situation where you're ready for sleep and finally the actual hypnosis programs that will surely (with the right mind set) aid to getting to sleep better and staying asleep.

    Before I was having 3 - 4 days a week of very poor sleep (2 hours or less). Last week I only had 1 really bad night and week before only 2. That is real improvement. I will continue to use these products, along with some professional consultation and I I truly believe this will be over in a few more weeks. I already feel so much better about the chances to overcome this and that helps my life in many ways.

    I like the products so much I just bought it for a friend. Yea, I could have given him the downloads....but that's not very good Karma now is it? I'd happily pay much more for this content. Thank you Adam Eason!

    Scott Davis
    Encinitas, CA

  3. Good Product, Poor Customer Service

    Posted by Greg W on 26th Jun 2016

    Adam Eason is an accomplished hypnotherapist and his products are excellent. However, his company's customer service leaves a great deal to be desired.

    After purchasing the Deep Sleep Bundle, I quickly realized that one of the audios, ”Deep Sleep Vol. 1”, was defective. It would not load correctly nor play in iTunes/iTunes Match, as did all the other audios in the bundle after conversion to the AAC format.

    I re-downloaded the file, converted it to .aiff and .aac extensions, both prior to and again after importing to iTunes, and got the same results. I repeated this entire process twice.

    I contacted Mr. Eason's company by email asking for assistance, not once but three times, and received no response. Then, a request for this review showed up in my email.

    A simple customer-friendly response from the company would have guaranteed a five-star review, for what I'm sure is otherwise an excellent product.

    (I'm willing to bet this review never sees the light of day.)

    Thank you so much for your review Greg. I am sorry that you had an issue with our service.
    E-mails for all sorts of reasons do not necessarily get through. That is why we have a online support page at http://support.adam-eason.com. You can also leave messages for us on this online shop.
    So my apologies but I could not reply Greg if I had not seen your message.
    I will contact you and try to resolve any issue with one of our MP3 files.
    Keith Watson

  4. No one can stay awake after this programme!

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Oct 2012

    I have had a sleeping problem for many years.
    I have been working with this programme for several months now, and I feel I am sleeping much better. It is important to follow Adam's instructions and work at this in the correct order. I enjoy the "Christmas Eve" hypnosis in particular and can really imagine myself in that store.

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