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OBESITY - Just STOP Kidding Yourselves - You Can Change - NO EXCUSES!

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As I listened to the radio this morning I was hearing all of the usual stuff this time of year.  The warnings about obesity and lack of exercise.  In fact it was the 40 and 50 age groups that were being targetted - as a recent report here in the UK confirms the trend - shows that that age group have basically given up on exercise.

People interviewed randomly on the street were just giving excuses that they have had no time - WHAT!  Things like the pressure from their work, children etc.

The time you should be worrying about is the TIME you want to have on this planet.  The TIME that you want to have with good health. 

These excuses that are running through your brain are your problem - they have become the reality. 

There are answers - and your brain needs to be seeking them out 

  • Can you walk to work, or cycle in.  Where can you leave your car so that you add in some exercise.
  • Can you walk you r kids to their events and exercise - can you train with them
  • What about your proportions of food - not just dieting can you just cut things down.

I just don't even want to go on with the list that can get so big.  You just have to get control over the thoughts that go through your head.  

Don't go straight away and get MIND YOUR WEIGHT - a great self-hypnosis audio.

That is number TWO on the list if you need to lose weight.

What I would like you to do first is to learn more about self-hypnosis.    We have dropped the price of "Self-Hypnosis Revealed" to just £2.50 

In "Hypnosis Revealed" - you will learn more about self-hypnosis and how to improve using it for all sorts of issues in your life. You will have CONTROL of that exasperatingly busy dialogue in your head.  Negative will be turned into Positive.

Whatever you want achieve get your brain totally in agreement - AND GUESS WHAT - it will Happen.

If you search through this store you will find a product bundle called "NO EXCUSES"  - you ARE not surprised are you?



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