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Low LOW Prices In January - The Story

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We have had this shop running for some years now and today we have lowered our prices to the lowest that we have ever offered on our audios.


Well that was the question that Adam asked - he is the guy who has written and recorded the products - and no wonder.

WHY have we done this.

The short answer is that this is a year where we intend to market.  Adam runs a hypnotherapy training college and we have been at work developing that.  Now we have all of our online courses in place - our attention turned to our Hypnosis For Download store.  Our question was - how could we develop that? The answer is that 2017 is the year that we set about marketing our huge amount of quality audio and video products.

ACTION Mindset - how do we make it GO.

Our options were all of the usual - shall we use Adwords (expensive - very expensive - giving to a large corporation)  or Facebook and social media - (ads the only real way)  etc


We decided that we would rather give money to affiliates and their referrals and grow through word of mouth marketing.  YEP we like that.

So the first key step is to knock the prices on the head this month - and send as many people as we can to get some products to sample. 

We have been involved with affiliates in the past but that was on ClickBank.  

From that experience we know that the best affiliates were those who had some idea about the products and had tried them.  They were so much better at referring others.

So there you are - that is just the start - do you want to come on board with me, a passionate marketer.  I will be your affiliate master wanting you to succeed.  You will initially get 50% of any purchases made by someone coming from your link.  

Anyway - if you haven't been an affiliate before, don't worry about all of that - just sign up and learn from me.


1 Check out the Hypnosis For Download store.

2. Buy something if you are new to self-hypnosis - especially 'Hypnosis Revealed'.

3. Sign up for our affiliate programme - where you will learn more. 


For those who sign up - we will be sending you a link to a video on Monday that will take you a step further.

Let's have a great year.



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